IBCT Trainers Recertification

Re-certification is the process of renewing one’s certification. To maintain IBCT certification, you must be prepared to continue to learn and grow.

Why it's Important?

A brief description of why recertification is important
Achieving certification from the IBCT is a long-term commitment to yourself, your career, and the HRD profession. Recertification is the process of renewing one’s certification. To maintain certification, you must be prepared to continue to learn, grow, and increase your current knowledge, skills and positive attitudes.
With recertification, you are demonstrating your commitment to staying current in the field of Human Resources Development. Recertification says you are building upon your knowledge, growing as a professional and increasing your experience daily. All IBCT trainers’ certifications are valid for three years.


Recertification is required every three years through demonstrated professional development (for those who keep re-certifying themselves every three years) or retaking IBCT qualifying exam for those who missed their re-certification deadline once or more.

IBCT Recertification 2023-2026 Cycle

The core components of the system

What is it?

This online system is dedicated to the re-certification of IBCT Certified Trainers (CT/HRDC). The core of the system encompasses four main sections as illustrated on the right side of this section. The four sections are contained in a module that has 4 tabs, one tab for each section.
1- System Instructions
The first section is for system’s instructions

The system’s instruction section is important to be read thoroughly to understand how the system works and to acquaint the system users with the learning activities that are accepted by the Board and the continuous educational credit for each learning activity type.

2- The e-Planner Tool
The second section is for the e-planner tool

The e-Planner tool is a simple and smart electronic system that developed to allow our certified trainers to simply and effortlessly plan their professional development activities for the coming three years.

3- Reflective Report e-Facilitator
The third section is for reflective report e-facilitator

The reflective report facilitator is a simple electronic tool that will smartly guide and facilitate our certified trainers to professionally report on a major learning experience they went through during the past 3 years of certification.

4- Crash Course Selector
The fourth section is for selecting the re-certification e-course of choice

The Board has partnered with the biggest e-learning platform, Study.com, to develop a bunch of crash e-courses. Those crash courses will serve as powerful tools to support the achievement of one main goal of IBCT which is trainers’ professional development and continuous education.

Since 2020, studying and passing, at least one crash course, became one main requirement for attaining eligibility for recertification.

How it Works?

A brief description of the system’s features
Move your mouse pointer over each step at the right side of this section to know more about how the system works and its great features.


The re-certification system is smart and interactive.

The system is very smart and interactive; all its components are contained in tabs in order to facilitate going back and forth smoothly at any point of processing your re*certification requirements. If you forget part of your plan, the system will notify you instantly. No way to submit an incomplete professional development plan.

At your Ease

The e-planner system is facilitated by a save-and-continue facility.

Once you click the submit button, at any stage, you will not be able to do further modification to your three-year plan or reflection report. However, the system has a facility to save and continue later, If you chose this option, you will receive an email link with instructions on how to reaccess your saved work to continue the planning and finally submit it. The system is also flexible, you will be able to submit each requirement independently.

Get Notified

After submitting each section of the recertification requirements you will receive a notification.

After submitting your plan and reflection report, you will receive an email with the attached file(s) that includes a copy of your plan and report.

Get Feedback

Shortly, you will hear from our re-certification officer.

Two weeks later, you will receive feedback from the IBCT recertification team either asking for more information or with the decision of the Board regarding your re-certification.

Get Support

Easly reach us to inquire or ask for support.

If you face any problems or need to ask any questions/inquiries regarding the process/system, you may use the contact form located on the same system’s page directly.


Process your re-certification requirements using your favorite device.

The system works perfectly on all smartphones or tablets with all dimensions. However, we advise you to use it via a laptop/PC.

Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to go?

Please fill out this form to receive the access information in your inbox. Please note that the information email might be going to your spam/junk mail, thus make sure to move it to your inbox to assure receiving our future emails.

Recertification System: An Access Request

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