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Training of Trainers FAQ

What are TOT Programs provided by IBCT?

IBCT  provides a multi-level international TOT Program, these levels as follows:

  • Associate Trainer (AT)
  • Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)
  • Internationally Certified Trainer & HRD Consultant (CT/HRDC)
Where can I find the content, objectives and other details of each TOT level?

You can check all details of each level of the IBCT training-of-trainers program via the dedicated webpage for each level. Here are the links:

Are there any rules I should know about before applying to a TOT program?

To get acquainted with admission requirements, conduction rules & achievement policy for IBCT TOT programs, please visit this page.

Where the TOT training sessions are held?

Our TOT programs are mainly held in the IBCT Certified Training Centers, IBCT MENA focal points, and also it could be held on the client site after the IBCT approval for the training room facilities.

What are the TOT selection criteria?

We usually test the motivation, teamwork skills, coping abilities, positive attitude and the personality traits of each applicant. Applicants should pass the admission interview.

Also, see the answer to this question:
What kind of questions do I expect in the TOT admission interview?

What kind of questions do i expect in the TOT admission interview?

IBCT experts usually ask various questions to assess the candidates’ readiness to join the TOT training under the following sections:

  • Motivation
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Coping Abilities
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Personal Traits
What are the requirements of joining The CT/HRDC Program?
  • Achieving the AT and CPT levels of the IBCT TOT/TTT multi-level Program.
  • Good command in written and spoken English
  • Being physically and mentally fit-for-the-job.
  • Fulfill the IBCT Intake Portfolio document.
  • Passing the selection interview that includes delivering a presentation that will be assessed by one of the IBCT board of directors.
How can I join the IBCT TOT Program / Where can i apply?

IBCT offers the best-in-the-world TOT program. It’s a multi-level program that comprises 3 levels. As a beginner, you should apply first to the Associate Trainer level.

What about international memberships in the higher education accreditation field?

IBCT is a full member of INQAAHE (The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education), a worldwide association of nearly 200 organizations. IBCT is found to meet the INQAAHE’s Criteria for full membership.
Check the INQAAHE’s website.

Is it permissible for a trainer who holds IBCT certification to conduct TOT programs?

Trainers who hold IBCT certification at any level, AT, CPT or CT/HRDC are prohibited from serving as TOT trainers. Although they are encouraged to conduct training sessions for any program other than TOT/TTT programs, they are not permitted to train in TOT programs. They must do so exclusively under the IBCT’s auspices. If they fail to comply with this requirement, their IBCT certification will be nullified.

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